Gold Investnent With Regal Assets

An increasing number of people are turning to investing in physical gold due to the loss of value of financial assets such as stocks and combined with a turbulent economic landscape. In particular, the stock market is quite unpredictable and vulnerable to inflation.Consequently, one may experience a decrease in the value of his or her investment portfolio. Advantages of investing in gold are that it increases in value, its demand is increasing, investing in gold can protect you against currency drop, and gold is difficult to devalue. One of the firms dealing with investment of physical gold is Regal Assets. The official gold IRA companies offers solutions for retirement savings through being a reliable gold custodian.

Benefits of Regal Assets

There are several benefits of investing in Regal Assets. To start with, the company has a comprehensive background and over fifty years of experience in investing in gold. Second, the company has made an aggressive campaign in investing in its human resource. Their professionals are of great help in assisting the client identify an investment plan based on their vast experience in the gold industry. Moreover, the experts handle the paperwork and make the investment process easy.

Third, the company offers a wide range of investment options that is suitable for both bulk and small investors. The investment options can range from as little as $ 5000 and as much as $ 250,000. In addition, one can be a one-time, short-term, or long-term investor. Fourth, the company has an efficient delivery and storage system. There is a tracking number available where one can monitor an order. The company gives priority to the insurance of the metals and takes great responsibility for shipping. Furthermore, the company has a segregated storage system. This means that the coins and bullions are not co-mingled with that of other investors. Rather, they are stored in a separate and isolated place in the vault. A segregated storage facility attracts better insurance and makes liquidation of assets easier.

Regal Assets is the only gold IRA company that offers offshore storage. The offshore storage facility is in Singapore. Concerning delivery, small investment packages are delivered via insured mails while large investments are delivered via Brinks armored delivery service and are escorted by armed guards. Fifth, the company offers reliable web resources for current and potential clients. There include information about gold investment and the options available for other metals such as silver and platinum. Investing in other metals helps you diversify your investment portfolio.

Lastly, the company is known for its excellent customer service. The customer service is a team of friendly professionals that is helpful in orienting clients to the company and offers guidance before and during investment. Should you need a response to any query or complain, there is a 24-hour chat service. In addition, the company maintains two toll-free numbers that one can use for guidance or help.

Reputation and Track Record

As surprising as it may sound, there have been hardly any complains about the company in the recent past. The company boasts a successful and flawless track record. The company has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has the following track record:

–Perfect score with the BBB.
–Perfect score with Trustlink.
–Perfect score with the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA).


Gold is one of the most secure investments in the world and is a safe haven for savings. It is more stable and less risky than other investment products for a retirement plan. Regal Assets offers a safe gold investment option. The company has managed to have a high credibility and an excellent professional service. Overall, Regal Assets is an ideal investment firm as it has lower fees, faster delivery, better ratings, less complaints, and better customer service.

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